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Think of me as your own personal Sherpa. I will help you to map the route and stay on the path until it feels like the road ahead is smooth. On the days when it feels like your pack is too heavy and the blisters too numerous, I will help you to renew your belief in yourself and the world around you.

People come to me to be challenged, cared for and stretched. You may well climb higher than you originally intended.

One day we’ll realise that we’re strolling along, fearlessly admiring the view. That’s when I will wish you well and leave you to continue the journey solo. I’ll be ready with my walking boots the next time the hills seem too steep.


I will be your backstop, challenger, and confidante.  I won’t be your consultant or advisor; I’m not leading your life or your team, only you can decide what you do. From the moment that you engage me, I consider myself your full time coach, and my inbox is open to you for celebration, commiseration and encouragement.

We will speak every two weeks for an hour each time, and I will stretch you and care for you in equal measure, reminding you of your strengths and calling you out on your fears.

I coach on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you are like many of my clients, then your travel diary and budget will mean that you’ll prefer to work with me remotely (on skype, zoom or the telephone).  It is also possible to have face to face sessions at your offices, which as they are in person are for two hours, once a month and cost more.

However you work with me, I will hold everything that I learn in confidence.



You believe we can be better, to our environment and to each other, and are doing something about it. I work with people who are solving genuine problems that affect the lives of people and the health of our planet. It’s great to invent another type of breakfast cereal, but let’s be honest, it’s not critical to our wellbeing or survival. My clients may well have learned their craft on cornflakes, but they’re applying their talents to climate change, whether in business, social enterprise or charity.


Want to turn your skills and experience towards climate change but don’t know where to begin?
This problem needs all of us, not just the scientists, but it can be frustratingly difficult to find out where you fit. For those of us with a yearning to help but no environmental credentials, the language of sustainability alone can be alienating. Whether you have a beef with waste, a hankering for the outdoors or a fascination with renewable energy, it is possible to find your place and it needn’t mean a pay cut. Between us we will help you to define, test and launch a new career in sustainability, entrepreneurship or good old fashioned business, from direct climate change to the new economy that accompanies it. I have helped people to change their careers (and often countries) for the last six years, and I know that in most cases people deep down know what they want to do, but that they lack the belief that they can. I will help you to craft an honest narrative for the person you want to become, and I will hold you to account for doing your research and finding some allies in your new world. Believe me, you can do it.


Already running an organisation making a difference, but want help to maintain the momentum or steer through new change?
I am honoured to be a trusted thinking partner to some truly courageous founders, CEOs and directors, leading climate and socially-focused organisations, profit-making and otherwise. I help them to work through the perennial problems like team dynamics and strategy, and their more fundamental needs like self-belief and work life balance. As a trained systems coach, I also help whole teams to develop the resilience to do well in big change. My team coaching might come in the form of facilitating your directors’ meeting with a secondary focus of embedding some much-needed new behaviours; or it may be more explicit and targeted, creating the space for the team to safely have that difficult conversation that is holding it back. I help people to make more conscious, objective decisions; to move from a feeling of impossibility to one of creativity; and to think and behave systemically, not just individually. I will also pass on coaching skills so that you can continue to make use of our work, long after our time together has ended.


Want to become part of an ecosystem of coaches who take a stand for putting the planet and its people first?
An empowered coach is a powerful force in the world. If climate change is a behaviour problem, then as coaches we are behaviouralists and we can have a big role in helping people to overcome their sense of disempowerment and reclaim their agency. At the same time, we can find our own sense of purpose and fulfillment and contribute to the solution. I am delighted to have been able to support many coaches as they launch their careers or change direction after years in the industry. As an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I also regularly support coaches through ICF accreditation as a Mentor Coach. I am also happy to consider formal mentor coaching for internal coaches.

If you think that focusing on climate change might be for you, get in touch. You don’t have to be or become a client to pick my brains.



Charly helped me to
re-connect with
my purpose

Jess, Entrepreneur