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I help people who want a more meaningful career to turn their talents and skills towards climate change. And I backstop those who are already leading change in purpose-driven organisations to sustain their belief.

You may be asking yourself what meaning, purpose and legacy mean to you. You may be stepping into leadership for the first time and wanting the confidence to define that for yourself. Or you may be at a crossroads redesigning your whole identity.

Wherever your starting point, you will have turned outward to the world and asked

‘What can I do?’


The psychology of climate change


Climate change is first and foremost a human behaviour problem – the starting point isn’t the polar bears, it’s us and our overconsumption.  Yet how often do we see images representing the changing climate, with no people in them? Deforestation, melting ice caps, poisoned rivers, are all presented as something for the scientists and environmentalists to sort out, while the rest of us feel an increasing sense of anxiety.

We have failed to act on climate change not for a dearth of knowledge but from a deep feeling of powerlessness and an inability to collaborate at the scale that’s required of us.

In everything that I do I am always answering one question: how can we move from a feeling of disempowerment to one of agency? That is not just coach speak. Empowerment and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. When someone says “I won’t” on the inside they are often telling themselves “I don’t believe I can/I don’t know how”.

Climate change has left whole nations, multinationals and governments with a sense of being powerless to act that looks a lot like not taking responsibility. I feel a personal responsibility as a coach to contribute to moving people out of that powerlessness and back into a place of confidence that they can act and that it will make a difference. I don’t believe that people willfully destroy the planet, but I do think there may be a lack of imagination and belief that there is another way to run the world. I’d like to be part of the movement that shows what the other way to operate might be.

As a systems coach, I believe that everyone has a role to play in moving us forward. There is no greater system than that of our climate, and we only stand a chance of solving such big, systemic problems when we tackle them together. To do that, we must first begin to believe that we can, and from that work out how. I’ve committed the rest of my career to this. How about you?


My work with Charly has been
life changing

Emily, social entrepreneur