People often ask…


Do you only work with scientists and environmentalists?

Not at all, though they are very welcome too. I help people who want to engage with climate change to find out how they can. I also support those working in purposeful organisations that are mindful of the planet to keep the faith and stretch themselves further. Often those people aren’t climate scientists at all. The main criteria for working with me is that you want to serve something bigger than yourself and have turned out to the world to ask 'how can I help?'  I trust that the answer to that will involve the planet and the people on it.

Does this mean that social entrepreneurs and those solving social problems should go elsewhere?

No. Aside from the fact that I have a big place in my heart for people who are solving the social problems that are holding us back as a global society, as a systems coach I know that these problems often have an environmental or climate change component. We also know that social inequality and climate change go hand in hand in many cases, and that we won't solve one without the other.

Do you work with businesses?

Yes! I believe that business and entrepreneurship has a huge role to play in climate change mitigation and adaptation. We have seen real corporate leadership from companies like Unilever and we need much more. I help companies to see the opportunity in the difficulty, to make changes to the way that they work that benefit everyone, themselves included.

What if I want to change career to get involved but I have no background in sustainability?

Great! Let's get cracking! This problem will take far more people than the scientists and environmentalists alone. The new economy that is building around climate change requires a wide range of skills and talents. We just have to work out what excites you and where you fit. I have met too many people who have taken years to work this stuff out, and I know that many people won't be able to do that, which is why I want to help speed the process up.

Do you only work with organisations on their environmental stuff?

No, quite the opposite, I work with organisations on their organisational stuff! But I only work with organisations that have embraced climate change and sustainability as either their core business or as a meaningful part in their operations. I work with teams, CEOs and Founders and their Directors to help embed and feel comfortable with change. That may involve team coaching to bring people on board or to help them have a difficult conversation in order to rebuild trust.

Do you advise organisations on sustainability?

No, I leave that to the sustainability professionals. However if you are sitting there with a sustainability report on your desk, wondering how long you have to wait before you can quietly put it in a drawer and forget about it, perhaps I can help you to overcome the more human reticence that we all experience when we're faced with change.  I can't tell you what to do, but I can help you become more comfortable with the changes you want to implement.

Can you tell me when my recycling bin will be collected after the next bank holiday?

No-one knows that, silly.