What my clients say

I see my time with Charly as the gateway to so much. She unlocked so much insight about myself; she helped me understand the constraints and limitations I’d imposed as well as the things I feel most passionate about. Most importantly, she made me believe I should focus on my dreams and my values, and live my life from these, not from anything else. I can honestly say that I have felt more alive, and experienced more joy, since this education. It blew my mind.
— Sophia Parker, Founder and Chief Executive, Little Village
Charly is a great coach. I chose her having previously used her to help with the development of my senior management team. Knowing how capable and creative she was in those circumstances, I had confidence she would be able to add value as a coach too, as proved to be the case. Hire Charly if you want to be challenged and stretched and if you want help to find your own way forward and recognise and build on your own strengths. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Simon Trace, former CEO Practical Action
Charly had a transformational effect on my career in education in West Africa. Having a coach (and one as skilled as Charly) taught me the immeasurable power of stepping back and reflecting before taking action. I learned how to see others’ perspectives and how best to voice my own. In a world where you want to achieve impact fast it can feel like there isn’t the time for coaching. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking the time to dig deep and be challenged, supported and championed makes the long-term difference. Our coaching sessions enabled me to step up in my role and take even bigger strides with a promotion.
— Natalie, Director of Curriculum & Teacher Development
Working with Charly was the best decision of my life to date. Having quit my job without any real plans for the future, she has taken me from being someone who built her whole life and career around others to being a keen conscious observer and director of my own life. Charly has a unique gift for tapping into who you really are and rebuilding any lost self belief. She carries out her work in a warm, open manner with real quantifiable stepping stones so you see the progress you are making. Charly has taught me lifelong lessons. She has been my staunchest advocate. Thank you doesn’t even come close!
— Amanda Devine, Certified Co-Active Life Coach
Charly has helped me discover a new world of possibilities in my personal and professional life at a time of great uncertainty and overwhelming psychological and physical tiredness. She helped me work on values and skills with renewed sense of purpose and commitment.
— Charles, Energy Professional
Working with Charly is such a pleasure - the depth of her curiosity and belief in you alone helps to make anything seem possible. She has incredible grace and skill as a coach - whole new perspectives and possibilities open up through working with her.
— Sophie Miller, coach
My work with Charly has been literally life-changing. Charly has a very powerful way of being both supportive and challenging at the same time, as well as having great insight and passion to push people to achieve their best.
— Emily Beardsmore – Social Entrepreneur
Charly is a delight to work with. I approached coaching with almost no expectations on how this would work. However, I found it to be very powerful. It was also very useful to be able to tailor the coaching to my specific needs. Charly is incredibly supportive and reassuring, but also challenges your natural approach and mindset. She ensures that each coaching session is focused and aimed towards achieving the goals that you want to accomplish. There’s always a laugh to be had as well! I highly recommend Charly to anyone considering coaching.
— Charlotte Capstick, Researcher
I found Charly to be a hugely valuable sounding board for my leadership development. Her coaching style is challenging yet thoughtful. She is exceptional at understanding challenges and unpicking the root causes, allowing you to take the best course of action, and get the best results.
— James Meekings, Co-Founder Funding Circle
Charly is an amazing coach and I would recommend her without hesitation. Charly increased my confidence in myself and really stretched me. I obtained a promotion to the role of Director whilst working with Charly and my work with her really helped in that. She has stacks of integrity, intelligence and is totally genuine. I found her so easy to connect and engage with.
— Rachael Dodgson, Director of Operations
I found Charly’s style to be reflective, calm, curious and with an underlying respect for me and my coaching style. She mentored me with humility and humour. I found her to be focused and committed in aligning my coaching with the ICF key competencies. I would highly recommend her as a mentor coach who can support you in becoming more aware of your coaching skills so that clients right for you can really enjoy and thrive when working with you.
— Lucia Labouchere, Personal Performance Coach
Working with Charly was like being purposeful with the best type of friend, one who gives you the hard truth, who celebrates your successes with you, who sees your greatness when your vision is blurred, who champions you and all your worth and who encourages you out of your place of comfort and stays with you every step of the way. Charly helped me to re-connect with my purpose and as a result I have stepped up my business and I am achieving more than I expected in a short amount of time.
— Jessica Rogers, Entrepreneur
Charly is the second coach that I have worked with. I had done several months of work with a coach in the past which did not really lead anywhere in terms of professional development. After speaking to a handful of other coaches without finding the right connection, I was given Charly’s contact details. I went in to the coaching process with a very specific and practical idea of what I wanted to get out of it. I was convinced that I needed to find a new field of work and that this would “fix” the issues I had been facing in terms of professional stagnation and future career development. The work we ended up doing led to something different altogether. Charly didn’t help me to find the right job, but rather helped me to identify the right attitude, not only to work, but also to the way I go about most things in life. It has been over 6 months since we finished working together and the lessons learned through this process are still very much with me and have made a profound difference in my life.
— Marc Feustel www.marcfeustel.com