Choosing a coach

If you are new to coaching, the terminology and volume of coaches out there can seem overwhelming. Here are some simple things to look for when choosing a coach, whether for yourself or your team:


Do you get on?

This is the most important criteria. Really powerful coaching comes as the result of a trusting, open relationship, so choose a coach who makes you feel at ease, with whom you can be honest, and not someone for whom you feel you have to perform.

Are they trained and did they train with a recognised provider?

Quality coach training takes more than a weekend, and a good training company will be accredited with one of our industry bodies; the ICF, EMCC, AC, or IoC.

Is the coach accredited by a governing body?

There is a difference between being a member and being accredited by a governing body. Membership is often just a matter of paying a fee, whereas an accreditation usually requires an application process in which the coach demonstrates both solid training and a commitment to ongoing education. This means that long after their initial training, coaches are keeping up to date with their skills, and regularly experiencing being a learner.

Are they supervised or coached themselves?

A professional coach should have some outlet for discussion of their work. That may be in the form of their own coach, mentor coach or supervisor. This also means that they appreciate what it is to be on your side of the table, as the coachee.