About me

I’m a fully trained coach, an Associate Lecturer in the Business School at Oxford Brookes University, and an armchair behavioural economist.

I live in Oxford, where I am mummy to Nina, wife to Dimitri, a sleep specialist, and ear-scratcher-in-chief to Sylvia, our dog.


As humans, we have enormous potential, and yet all too often we are putting it to work in ways that make us unhappy, and on consumption that is devastating our planet. I’ve been quietly questioning the way we live since I left university, some twenty years ago, when I wanted a job that raised horizons as well as money. As we now face down the need to mitigate and adapt to climate change, we are finally able to say out loud that perhaps we need a new system, in which growth is a by-product not a goal in itself, and in which the things that truly matter, our human relationships and the health of our planet, are put centre stage.

The challenge ahead requires us to step into a new world. Yet it can be hard to pioneer and easy to be discouraged. That’s where I come in. I’m optimistic about our future. I want us all to feel less fearful and more empowered to act.


I know how hard it is to break free of the herd and do something different. I spent the beginning of my career working in a traditional, multi-national organisation, fundraising for Save the Children. I left their comfortable head office behind because I yearned for more creativity, autonomy and, perhaps surprisingly, a greater sense of purpose. Instead, I built a creative agency from the ground up, in the extremely challenging but endlessly rewarding West African country of Sierra Leone. Perhaps I don’t make things easy for myself! However, the lack of infrastructure aside, Sierra Leone had a spirit of problem-solving and a culture of building trusting relationships that was inspiring.

I believe that entrepreneurship and business can improve the way we live and create jobs that give people meaning and choice. And I believe that that’s achievable with profits and without abandoning our ethics. I know it’s possible because I did it myself, building a business that was intertwined with the lives of its staff and its community; helping each other through a cholera epidemic among other things. Having integrity didn’t stop us being successful, and my team and I built a company that worked with clients on three continents, including the UN, Oxfam and British Airways.


When I ran my business, I realized that more often than not, lack of confidence, not lack of imagination or responsibility, is what holds us back from taking action. I coached staff who were barely literate and lacking in self-belief to become office managers and to take pride in their jobs. As a consultant to many of the biggest names in development, I also saw that the difference between a project succeeding and failing was due to the courage of its leaders, not the amount of money at its disposal. I learned that courage and leadership were the keys to creating big change.

That was an itch I had to scratch, and for the last six years I’ve been privileged to help people who love a challenge, from all over the world, at all stages, from the originator of a nascent idea to a retiring CEO.  I work with people who want to do the decent thing, not the thing they can get away with; and who can’t live without a sense of purpose.


I want to create a world that we can all be proud to hand on. When I rock my daughter to sleep at night, I silently promise that I will make the world a better place. We know that our climate is changing, and that social inequality is tearing holes in the fabric of our global society. We know that one won’t be solved without the other. And because we know, and because I am as stubborn as I am responsible, I can’t walk away from that promise. I suspect that you can’t either.

Photo: Bex Singleton

Photo: Bex Singleton

Professional standards

•Over 2000 hours of coaching undertaken with clients post-training

•Eleven years experience of facilitating groups and designing training courses

•Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

•Accredited Practitioner of the Insights Discovery Psychometric Tool, licensed to provide profiles and workshops

•Certified Co-active Coach, with 200 hours of training by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

•Organisational Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC), with 120 hours of training by CRR Global

•Professional insurance held with Oxygen

•Regular coaching supervision undertaken with a qualified supervisor

•Ongoing professional training undertaken every year


•Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, a signatory to UNPRME, teaching in the Business School, at undergraduate and MBA level

•Founding Associate coach and trainer to boutique leadership development consultancy, Jill McMillan Associates, developing leadership within FTSE 100 firms, global charities and public sector organisations

•Member of The Point People, a collective of policy makers, artists and entrepreneurs using systems change to create a more equitable society

•Director on the Board of Oxfordshire Business First, a voluntary organization helping businesses to share ideas to solve problems

•Trustee of the UK Friends of St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, raising funds and facilitating development projects for a specialist school for deaf children in Sierra Leone, West Africa

•Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts


I am also the founder of The Climate Change Coaches, bringing a coaching approach to the problem of environmental crisis. We are building and supporting the creation of a global network of professional coaches to work in this context. We also provide training in coaching skills to climate leaders and practitioners who can supercharge their impact by being better able to influence and empower others. We want to help revive a sense of can-do capability around a topic that leaves so many of us feeling powerless. Drop us a line to let us know about organisation.

I also write an occasional blog called About Time to Care, exploring the link between the fast pace at which we live our lives and our ability to make quality decisions about the environment. Click the snail to read it!